Casio G-Shock – “Crazy Colors: Metallic Stars” Series

casio g shock dw 69000 crazy colors metallic stars series 01 Casio G Shock   Crazy Colors: Metallic Stars Series

Though not specifically designed for 4th of July, these Casio G-Shock DW-6900 watches do somehow resonate the theme of Independence Day. Part of the Cray Colors Series, each features a coat of vibrant colors in contrast of one another. The part that truly stands out, however, and the metallic stars inlay on the quartet’s dial face. Resistant to dust, dirt, shock, and water, each of the four retails for ¥12,500 JPY, or approximately 5 USD. Casio G-Shock “Crazy Colors: Metallic Stars” Series is available starting this month at retailers in Japan, worldwide in the coming months.

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Via: Freshfeedmag