I got a Tumblr I think it’s pretty cool here’s the address: http://danteross.tumblr.com/ I have been posting cool little pics and stuff. I dig Tumbler if only for the instantaneous quality to it. i can toss of an irreverent thought or post an image right away. I appreciate the instant gratification angle to it all unlike blogging which can become a epic under taking sometimes. I wanted to enlighten the people that follow my blog to my Tumblring figured some of you might dig it ya know? Above the infamous Samo: Jean Michael Basquit, Al Diaz and Shannon Dawson pre Jean Michael’s dolo art gallery endeavors

NY Just Like I pictured it

Some Images I dug not sure where I jacked these from…

Show world….nice place to meet your future ex skank….excellent buffet table here!

Everybody loves the Sunshine…..

My kind of Temple…

SOme how these 2 images go hand in hand….How about big ass crackheads!

Based God….dusted…..like always…

Iz The Wiz one of the badest Graf writers ever

Hi my names Dante….How’s things?

Peep my friend Joe Conzo’s site…he’s a tremendous photographer and a excellent historian http://www.joeconzo.com/

Bukowski….What a looker…..

How are Jew?

Gotta make sure my curls looking right son….

Hello Wutang Kitty…..My tumblr all on one blog for ya today


Dante Ross NYC